Is KratomFarmers trustworthy and reliable?

You can find more information about us by googling KratomFarmers.Ch, You will find good things people say about us in the online community or forums. You can always buy a a small quantity to test our service, a 50 grams pack plus the cheapest shipping will set you back around $7. You can buy more later once you are comfortable dealing with us.

Where do we ship from?

All orders are shipped from Indonesia where kratom is originate from. This way you get the freshest available kratom.

How much is the shipping cost?

Shipping cost vary depending on the amount purchase and your location. Please place a trial order if you want to find out the total cost. You can always cancel your order in the end if you decided not to go ahead.

How do I pay?

A Payment Instructions email will be sent to you once you placed an order.

Have not received the Payment Instructions email?

Please check your email Junk/Spam folder. Sometimes our emails ended up in there. Or else you can generate another Payment Instructions email by Clicking Here.

When will order shipped?

We will ship your order once payment is received. Please allow 2-3 days for your payment to clear our bank account if you paid by bank transfer.

Please login to your account to view the status of your order(s).  You can view your order(s) status by Clicking Here.

How long is the shipping time?

Delivery time generally range from 15-35 days depending on the type of shipping methods that are available for your country. Most delivery take two weeks from time of order.

How do I track my package?

We will email you the tracking id once we shipped your package. You can track your package at www.TrackingMore.com

How come my tracking id does not work?

Tracking ID usually takes around 2-3 days to get activated. Please try tracking your package in a couple of days if the trackng status is not available yet.

Do we offer phone support or phone order service?

No. We do not offer any kind of service by phone. We will also never ask you for any kind of private data or credit card number by telephone. All orders need to be placed by the customer on the website using our secure payment gateway.

Do we offer free samples?

No. Our price are extremely affordable. Please make a smaller order to test our products before making larger order.

The product I have received does not look like on the pictures on your website. Is this a mistake?

Please be assured that we labels all strains correctly. The pictures on our website are examples and might not reflect the exact same color of the product you receive.

Do we ship package discretely?

Yes all packaging are discrete. The sender is marked as Shipping Department.

Do we offer lab results?

No it is not possible to offer lab report on every order since we process our Kratom in bulk. Please order a small quantity to test out any products before making larger order.

Do you guarantee your kratom products free from bacteria and germs?

Yes we have process in place to thoroughly disinfect and sterilize our kratom with UV light scanner. For a peace of mind, we highly recommend our customers to get an UV light scanner of their own. You can get the UV scanner at Amazon.

May I use Hotmail/Live/Outlook email account?

Yes, but our emails might end up in the SPAM folder. Please use a Gmail account if possible.

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us at sales@KratomFarmers.ch